Total Glam Makeover

Ok…how Jessica makes it thru me being an absolute baby without ‘accidentally’ poking me in the eye, I will never know

Online Shopping

I realize that I’m a little late to the ‘open videos’ thing…however, when I am spending a certain amount of money, I do enjoy having a modicum of an experience…

A Discussion on Race

Ah race…July 2020, I spent my birthday talking to my dad about it…I’m not gonna lie, even as a person who absolutely believes in Divine timing, I was super impatient that everything took so long to ready for release…

The Pioneers Next Door

The calculated efforts to derail, discredit, and ultimately bury these people for daring to try to innovate may not be sexy, but it calls for light to be shone. And shine it will…because quite simply, it could be any one of us. And that, my friends, should send chills down our collective spine.